Heinz may face personal injury compensation claim

A claim for personal injury compensation may be launched against global food company Heinz after an accident at work at one of its UK depots.

An unnamed 65-year-old employee sustained a serious hand injury while operating machinery at a baked bean factory in the Greater Manchester town of Wigan.

The man lost his index finger on his left hand and also suffered significant nerve damage during the incident, which, an investigation revealed, occurred when his gloved hand was pulled in onto a piece of equipment as he manufactured a new metal part for a packaging machine.

In a subsequent case heard at Manchester Crown Court, Heinz - a firm that employs some 32,500 people globally - admitted breaching two separate health and safety regulations after it was found it had failed to conduct an adequate risk assessment of this area of its premises.

This comes after John Armstrong sustained severe crush injuries to his arm in an accident at work involving a machine at Firstan in Huntingdon.

Posted by Craig Williams

01/06/2011 16:29