Man seeks compensation for back injury

A claim for compensation has been launched by a man who sustained a serious back injury in an accident at work.

According to online resource Evening News 24, Mark Simon Smithurst suffered a prolapsed disc in his back while moving sizeable equipment in the back of his van while operating for Sealant Construction Services.

This incident occurred some five years ago and the 44-year-old's barrister indicated Mr Smithurst has been in "severe" pain ever since as it "obliterated" his spinal cord, the news source explained.

Despite the fact that Mr Smithurst has already received a sum of damages for his ordeal, he has now taken his case to the Court of Appeal on the grounds that this settlement was insufficient.

This comes after an unnamed worker suffered heavy bruising to his back in an accident at work in a premises owned by Environcom England in Grantham, which may lead to him seeking damages.

Posted by Patrick White

20/06/2011 16:49