Managers 'must look out for signs of stress at work'

Bosses must make sure they take the issue of stress at work seriously when they decide on internal policies for their organisation.

That is the opinion of Debbie Meech, people director at Cable & Wireless Worldwide, who has insisted this problem - which has become more commonplace in the wake of the economic downturn - should be "a key consideration when it comes to allocating resources".

Ms Meech explained that the slump has been "hard on employees" and "no organisation" can accurately claim to be completely stress-free because of it.

With this in mind, the expert called on managers to "closely monitor any signs of plummeting wellbeing" like increasing levels of absence or more accidents at work.

She went on to state that more frequent use of assistance lines are also a clear indicator people are struggling mentally.

This comes after the recent GfK NOP International Employee Engagement Survey published recently (June 6th) showed that 40 per cent of young employees in Britain are constantly stressed in their workplace.

Posted by Craig Williams

10/06/2011 16:23