Managers 'should try to prevent' stress at work

Managers looking to reduce instances of stress at work should try to prevent such anxieties at the earliest possible moment, it has been suggested.

Kevin Friery, clinical director at Right Corecare - a provider of employee assistance programmes, consultancy and training - said it is easier for bosses to attempt to prevent employees suffering from stress rather than trying to combat it once they are.

The expert noted: "If somebody has a stressful situation and you help them deal with it, you help them get through that situation, you're not necessarily preventing the next one."

He explained managers need to help people develop skills that will enable them to cope once they start to feel the pressure of the workplace.

This is a far more effective technique than attempting to cure the problem, while it also helps workers develop life skills they can use in other situations, Mr Friery went on to point out.

Posted by Craig Williams

13/06/2011 17:00