Medical negligence leads to £3k compensation

Medical negligence at a hospital in Wales has resulted in a man being awarded £3,000 in compensation.

According to online resource This is South Wales, the anonymous patient at Glangwili Hospital in Camarthen - an institution managed by the Carmarthenshire NHS Trust - was failed by staff as they did not ensure he was given regular check-ups by a professional during a time when he was suffering with prostate cancer.

An investigation into this case revealed that the man - referred to as Mr C - should have undergone quarterly examinations from the start of 2008, but no check-up was actually administered until a year after his diagnosis.

Dr Richard McGonigle, public services ombudsman for Wales, is quoted by the news source as saying: "A delay in receiving a follow-up appointment resulted in the unmonitored progression of Mr C's prostate cancer."

He went on to say that this negligence had "undoubtedly" had an effect on the patient's prognosis.

Posted by Craig Williams

27/06/2011 16:47