Older people 'can minimise instances of slipping and tripping at home'

Older people can minimise the likelihood of sustaining injuries such as broken bones through slipping and tripping by making their home safer.

That is according to Jo Bullock of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), who has urged family and friends to help their older loved ones to identify where the greatest risks of falls are in their house, then go about eradicating these hazards.

Ms Bullock explained there are often a number of dangerous areas within a property, meaning many people could be at risk of injuring themselves on a regular basis.

"It might be carpet that is very, very worn or there are loose fitting rugs - you might have a lot of clutter around," she noted.

Earlier this week (June 21st), Age UK showed that poor vision was a factor in 270,000 falls involving people over the age of 60 since 2009.

Ms Bullock added it is therefore "important to share information about how older people can prevent falls".

Posted by Craig Williams

23/06/2011 16:57