Pensioner seeks compensation for food poisoning

Food poisoning contracted while on holiday has resulted in a woman seeking personal injury compensation from a tour operator.

According to online resource This is Staffordshire, Cynthia Dimond suffered symptoms such as sickness and diarrhoea after eating a fish meal while on a cruise around the Canary Islands and Morocco earlier this year.

The pensioner claims she began to feel ill just hours after consuming this food and therefore describes her trip as "horrendous".

As a result, the 67-year-old is now taking legal action against Thomson Holidays and hopes to be awarded damages for her ordeal.

She told the news source that she still suffers from stomach cramps some three months later and required treatment from the ship's doctor while on board.

"I kept vomiting. I was going to the toilet constantly," the woman noted.

This comes after the Ellesmere Port Pioneer reported that Kathleen Gilmovitch is seeking compensation from Butlin's after contracting food poisoning at one of the firm's parks in Bognor Regis earlier this month.

Posted by Patrick White

28/06/2011 16:46