Reading residents 'at food poisoning risk'

Residents in Reading could be at risk of food poisoning when eating out in the town, new figures have suggested.

Get Reading reports that more than half of the outlets analysed by safety experts are not cleaning their equipment and surfaces properly.

The team tested a number of items - such as chopping boards, knives and cloths - from 21 premises in the area, with 36 of the 66 samples taken proving to be unsatisfactory.

Those outlets that were found to be performing to a level deemed not good enough were informed of their results and issued advice on how best to improve their practices.

Action will be taken against the venues that fail to perform better following the results of the inspection, the group stated.

The NHS notes that the symptoms of food poisoning often begin between one to three days after the contaminated food was consumed - and they include vomiting, nausea and stomach cramps.

Posted by Patrick White

13/06/2011 17:02