Stress at work 'highly common following recession'

Professionals who struggle with stress at work may also feel pressure in terms of their personal finances, an expert has said.



In the wake of the global economic downturn, many people have felt stressed in their jobs due to factors such as the threat of redundancy and wage cuts as companies seek to reduce their costs, as well as the prospect of being expected to complete more tasks in the same amount of time to absorb the effect of losing colleagues.


And Terri Bodell, known as the Stress Doctor, feels that, along with monetary concerns, stress at work is the most common form of anxiety in the UK at present.


"Work is really a primary part of our lives and anything that goes on there is going to impact on us," she explained.


Research by Everyman last week (May 31st) revealed that the average British adult spends 36 minutes worrying every day.


Posted by Craig Williams

06/06/2011 16:36