Worker receives £20k personal injury compensation

An accident at work has ended with a man being awarded £20,000 in personal injury compensation.

Barry Lester, a machine operator, hurt his groin muscle while attempting to lift a heavy box of car parts at the plant owned by Ford in Dagenham and subsequently had to take three weeks off work, according to the Thurrock Gazette.

Mr Lester had to take the weight of an entire stack of products - totalling several tonnes - as the container he tried to lift became snagged on other boxes and he then fell through a floorboard in the toilet at work, which worsened his condition.

The 64-year-old is therefore now unable to pursue his hobbies of gardening and playing golf due to a lack of mobility and is also not fit enough to work overtime in other departments at the depot.

Recently, Evening News 24 reported that Mark Simon Smithurst sustained a serious back injury when he tried to lift a heavy load at work for Sealant Construction Services.

Posted by Craig Williams

21/06/2011 16:42