Fingers injured by lathe in accident at work

Accident at work to result in compensation claim

An unnamed employee working at an Ineos Enterprises depot in Runcorn suffered a severe hand injury in an accident that was not his fault. The accident happened when his right hand came into contact with the moving parts of a piece of machinery, which led to his ring finger being severed.

The 58-year-old maintenance worker also suffered damage to his middle and little fingers, as the glove he was wearing got caught in the metalworking lathe.

The accident occurred despite the fact that the global company had been warned previously to not allow employees to wear gloves when working with this equipment due to the dangers involved.

An investigation revealed the company had failed to provide this information to its workers, meaning the injured man can now claim compensation on the grounds of the firm's negligence.

Recently, it was revealed that in a similar work accident, Lewis Maker severed part of his left hand in an accident while working for Frame Homes South West in Redruth.