Compensation may be pursued for arm injury

A serious arm injury suffered by a man during an accident at work could lead to a claim for compensation being lodged.

Ian Swain sustained a laceration to his right forearm that went so deep it severed an artery and muscles, as well as exposing the bone of the limb as he worked at the Nicholls and Clarke Glass factory in Luton in October 2009.

Mr Swain was operating in the toughening section of the depot when, without warning, a large piece of glass shattered and one of its shards came into contact with his arm.

As a result, the 37-year-old needed more than 250 stitches to repair the wound and, after having to wear a plaster cast for three months, has lost some of the feeling in the limb and no longer has his job.

Emma Rowlands, inspector at the Health and Safety Executive, commented: "Had Mr Swain been provided with full arm protection he would have avoided serious injury."

This comes after Lewis Maker sustained a serious laceration to his hand in an accident at work while operating a saw for Frame Homes South West in Redruth.

Posted by Patrick White

20/07/2011 16:45