School pupil awarded £30k in personal injury compensation

A school pupil has been awarded in excess of £30,000 in personal injury compensation after an accident at their place of education, new figures have revealed.

The Freedom of Information Act has unveiled statistics from Cornwall Council detailing the fact that the local authority granted damages settlements totalling £47,500 throughout the 2010-11 financial year, according to the BBC.

A sum of £30,000 was awarded to an attendee of one of the area's schools who fell from a workbench in a class, while some £10,000 was granted by officials to another individual injured when they were struck by a stone.

Meanwhile, a total of £2,000 was handed over to a pupil hurt after being hit with a ball during a lesson.

This comes after The Bolton News reported that Bolton Council awarded £5,250 to an eight-year-old school pupil who fell onto a gate while at an educational establishment in the town.

Posted by Helen Jones

14/07/2011 16:47