Compensation awarded after 'dangerous' workplace prank

Electrician Gareth Durrant sustained severe internal damage to his bowel and intestines when he was "inflated" by a high-pressure air line that entered his rectum while …


Managers 'must engage employees to combat stress at work'

Sum - Prevention is the key to tackling stress at work, an expert has said.


Stress 'causing managers to work when on holiday'

According to a study conducted by Bibby Financial Services, 1.1 million company owners feel under so much pressure at all times to make sure their organisation is running smoothly…


Compensation of £21k awarded to ex-charity worker

Genevieve Bove often got migraines because of the fluorescent overhead lights at her office at the Association of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham, a body that strives to help g…


Forklift truck accident at work caused back injury

Robert Dearlove suffered a fractured right thigh, as well as a serious back injury and ligament damage in his left leg, during an accident at a warehouse.

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