Accident at work could lead to legal action

Accident at work could lead to legal action 2187

A worker who lost two fingers during an accident at work may decide to pursue a claim for personal injury compensation against his employer.

The unnamed 60-year-old had to take ten months off from his role at a factory owned and managed by food production company Tulip in Lincolnshire after he lost both the middle and index digits on his right hand.

This incident occurred when he attempted to remove a piece of plastic from a mixing machine on the premises and, as a result, he can no longer carry out the same job as he lost nerve endings in his hand.

An investigation conducted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) established that the piece of equipment lacked sufficient guarding, meaning the man was exposed unnecessarily to its moving parts.

Recently, an anonymous worker at the Tangerine Confectionary factory in Blackpool had the index finger on his left hand severed by a sweet-making machine.

Posted by Emily Swanson

16/08/2011 16:46