Broken bones to result in compensation pursuit?

Broken bones to result in compensation pursuit 2205

Broken bones sustained by a man during an accident at work could lead to him seeking a personal injury compensation settlement.

The unnamed individual was run over twice by a forklift while working at SIG Trading in Livingston in March 2010 because the driver of the vehicle could not see him as his view was obstructed by the large metal coil he was transporting across the premises.

According to the findings of an analysis into the incident by the Health and Safety Executive, the operator was unaware he had hit the man and then accidentally reversed the truck back over him.

This resulted in the employee needing metal inserts in his leg and ankle, meaning he now has a permanent limp and suffers from constant pain.

Recently, it emerged that teenager Jack Amey could pursue damages after he was left with chemical burns following an accident at work in Great Yarmouth last October.

Posted by Emily Swanson

24/08/2011 16:42