Compensation awarded after 'dangerous' workplace prank

Personal injury compensation has been awarded to a man following a serious accident at work, it has emerged.

Electrician Gareth Durrant sustained severe internal damage to his bowel and intestines when he was "inflated" by a high-pressure air line that entered his rectum while he worked on a caravan at a Hull factory managed by Willerby Holiday Homes in July 2010.

Initially, it was unclear how this piece of equipment - which carries air at a pressure of around 300 pounds per square inch - came into contact with the 26-year-old, but a court case has now established this occurred due to a "dangerous and foolish" prank by two colleagues, according to the Daily Telegraph.

Since the incident, Mr Durrant has been unable to return to work and required an emergency operation to repair the six-inch tear in his bowel.

Therefore, he has now reached an undisclosed damages settlement for his ordeal.

Posted by Francesca Witney

30/08/2011 16:16