Compensation of £21k awarded to ex-charity worker

Personal injury compensation worth £21,000 has been awarded to an employee who suffered persistent severe headaches due to the lighting in her workplace.

Genevieve Bove often got migraines because of the fluorescent overhead lights at her office at the Association of Voluntary Organisations in Wrexham, a body that strives to help groups in the third sector achieve their goals.

Ms Bove told an employment tribunal that she informed her bosses of her opinion that the harsh lighting above her was acting as the cause for her headaches, but they refused to do anything about this.

Eventually, the issue became so bad that she was forced to resign from her post and the hearing was also told that John Gallanders, manager of the body, purposefully exposed her to the lighting in meetings.

Speaking after the case, Ms Bove observed: "The whole experience has made me ill, the sorry saga was completely unnecessary."

Posted by Francesca Witney

26/08/2011 16:40