Council awards £90k compensation to teachers

Teachers in one county in southern England have received more than £90,000 in personal injury compensation since 2008 after accidents at work.

According to the Chelmsford Weekly News, Essex County Council has granted damages of £90,800 to professionals in the teaching industry over the last three years, primarily due to instances such as slipping and tripping.

For example, the authority has been ordered to hand over in excess of £55,000 to two individuals alone in this timeframe after they fell over while at work, therefore damaging their wrist and foot respectively.

However, a spokesperson for the body told the news source that improved safety management practices being implemented across Essex is causing the number of accidents at work there to decline.

Recently, the Wokingham Times reported that Wokingham Borough Council had awarded £4,600 in compensation to one of its employees who hurt themselves in a fall while operating on premises owned by the authority.

Posted by Emily Swanson

15/08/2011 16:41