Compensation for Holiday Food Poisoning in Spain

Family seeking food poisoning compensation 2195

A family that suffered from a food poisoning stomach bug while on holiday in Spain, are one of the claimants taking legal action against First Choice.

According to the Sheffield Star, Hancock family members Nigel, Paula, Lauren and Max all fell ill during their all-inclusive stay at the Holiday Village Viva Picafort resort on the island of Mallorca.

The family are four of twenty people known to be claiming compensation for holiday food poisoning from First Choice due to the poor conditions at the resort. Their High Court writ stated that problems at the resort included undercooked food, unclean toilets and a swimming pool that was not properly maintained.

This document indicated that people at the resort suffered either gastrointestinal infections or irritable bowel syndrome because of the negligence of tour operator First Choice.

In another recent case, This is Staffordshire reported that Cynthia Drummond is claiming compensation from Thomson Holidays after she fell ill from food poisoning while on a cruise ship  earlier this year.

Posted by Francesca Witney