HSE: Planning crucial to avoid accidents at work

Employers can help avoid accidents at work occurring in their professional environment by planning ahead more effectively prior to starting projects.

That is the view of a spokesman from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), who has insisted that one of the primary causes of incidents within workplaces that result in staff members getting injured is a lack of forward-thinking when it comes to preparing for a task.

The official also attributed many accidents to individuals "using inappropriate access equipment" and pointed to common instances such as professionals in the education sector using chairs or furniture to help them reach items above head height and subsequently falling.

In order to reduce the number of accidents taking place, the HSE expert advised managers to "ensure practical arrangements are in place, such as quickly cleaning up spillages".

This comes after Jill Joyce, senior policy and technical advisor at the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health, noted that several "basic steps" can be taken to make workplaces safer.

Posted by Francesca Witney

15/08/2011 16:40