Pensioner considering compensation claim after accident

A personal injury compensation claim may be launched by a pensioner following an accident in a public place in which she suffered a broken thumb.

According to online resource Your Local Guardian, Daphne West tripped over in Sutton High Street last month and sustained a double fracture to the digit on her left hand, as well as a cut to her face.

Consequently, the 74-year-old is now discussing the possibility of taking legal action against the regional council, as she believes this incident was caused by the uneven slabs on the walkway.

Mrs West - who had to be taken to hospital by ambulance for treatment - told the news source: "I tripped up on the paving, I fell to the ground. I started seeing stars when my face hit the ground."

This comes after 89-year-old Rita Bell told The News she is pursuing compensation after suffering a dislocated hip during an accident in Southsea earlier this year.

Posted by Emily Swanson

08/08/2011 16:52