Residents pursuing compensation from council

Personal injury compensation is being sought by a group of residents in the south of England after they claimed fumes from a fire left them feeling ill.

According to the Thurrock Gazette, emissions from a month-long blaze at the Rio wood recycling plant in Orsett resulted in many people living in the area suffering from a range of health problems.

Therefore, the residents have decided to take legal action against Thurrock Council - a local authority that consists of 49 councillors - following their ordeal.

One local woman, 62-year-old Margaret McPherson, was forced to spend four days in hospital after the fire had been burning for around three weeks, as she became affected by severe fatigue due to the excessive amounts of smoke around her home.

She told the news source: "I am angry because since the fire started it has left me feeling so ill ... it has created so many problems and it has been really difficult."

Posted by Emily Swanson

19/08/2011 16:38