Sisters awarded £1.6k compensation

Two sisters have been awarded personal injury compensation of £1,600 after they needed hospital treatment due to the negligence of a London hotel.

Melanie Carmen and Joy McDonagh were bitten in excess of 100 times by bedbugs while staying in the Airways Hotel for one night in the Pimlico region of the capital city last summer.

During their short time at the location, Ms Carmen sustained 86 bites while her sibling woke up with more than 30 and consequently both needed attention at the Queen Mary's Hospital - managed by the South London Healthcare NHS Trust - where they were administered with antibiotics.

Ms Carmen commented: "We were left suffering from deep aches, itching and other flu-like symptoms and it took months for the bites to disappear."

However, it seems that the pair are not the only visitors to the hotel to suffer in this way as many reviewers on online resource TripAdvisor described the cinditions there as "poor" or "terrible" due to bed bugs.

Posted by Emily Swanson

22/08/2011 16:42