Slipping and tripping 'loses companies £520m per year'

A large proportion of all accidents at work come under the category of slipping and tripping, an expert has said.

According to Jill Joyce, senior policy and technical advisor at the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (Iosh), such instances cost employers approximately £520 million annually.

Ms Joyce explained that recent research conducted by her organisation and the Health and Safety Executive established that 20 per cent of all injuries lasting for more than three days are sustained in the workplace are suffered during falls.

However, the Iosh official went on to dismiss the notion that slipping and tripping is an "unavoidable" hazard of the modern-day working environment as a "misconception".

"Employers and employees can both take precautions to help reduce the likelihood of an accident," she noted.

This comes after Ms Joyce called on companies to consider the possibility of installing anti-slip matting at their workplace, as this represents an easy and cost-effective way to enhance safety levels.

Posted by Emily Swanson

05/08/2011 16:50