Stress at work 'causing people to skip lunch'

Stress at work is resulting in almost a third of all employees in the UK deciding to skip their lunch break, new research has shown.

According to figures published in the latest Aviva Health of the Workplace report, some 30 per cent of members of staff do not stop to eat in the middle of their shift, with mental anxiety being one of the chief reasons behind this trend.

The study also showed 25 per cent of individuals are only willing to have a lunch break should they feel their workload permits them to do so, despite the fact that 43 per cent of employers actively encourage their labour force to take an hour or so off due to the benefits this can provide.

Dr Doug Wright, head of clinical development at Aviva Health UK, observed: "A cultural shift in the workplace towards proper lunch breaks will improve overall employee wellbeing, as well as productivity."

This comes after a spokesperson from the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology said people are often more stressed at work when they return from a holiday.

Posted by Francesca Witney

18/08/2011 16:39