Teenager could seek compensation for burns

Burns sustained during an accident at work may result in a teenager seeking personal injury compensation.

Jack Amey suffered chemical burns on his face and right eye at the age of 17 while working at premises owned by Moughton Engineering - an organisation established in 1974 - in Great Yarmouth in October last year.

The youngster was injured after being instructed by a fellow welder to clean away marks in stainless steel tanks at the factory with a toxic solution, but he was left unsupervised without proper training on how to use the substance.

He dropped one of the tubs of solution, causing some of it to land on his face and inflict severe burns, meaning he may seek civil damages for the firm's negligence.

Martin Kneebone, inspector with the Health and Safety Executive, observed: "This young man was let down by his employer and could have suffered far more serious injuries than he actually did, potentially even losing his sight."

Posted by Emily Swanson

23/08/2011 16:43