Woman awarded £3.5k compensation after hair dye reaction

Personal injury compensation of £3,500 has been awarded to a woman after she suffered an adverse reaction to a hair dye product.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Melanie Kenny has received this settlement following an incident at her hairdresser that resulted in her sustaining severe swelling and temporarily losing the sight in one eye.

Ms Kenny took legal action against the salon in question as professionals there failed to test the dye on her skin prior to applying it en masse to her head and the establishment has now granted her compensation.

The 49-year-old told the news source her forehead became "massively swollen", while her skin was "red raw" and doctors have advised her never to dye her hair again due to the risk of another reaction or the contraction of conditions such as dermatitis.

"Now my hair is grey and I hate it. It's particularly frustrating when I see my friends after a trip to the salon and I can’t do the same," she added.

Posted by Francesca Witney

23/08/2011 16:44