Young males 'least likely to seek help for stress at work'

Younger male professionals are the most reluctant demographic to seek help when suffering with stress at work.

That is according to Kevin Friery, clinical director at Right Corecare, who believes members of this group often try to avoid asking for assistance to deal with any mental anxiety they feel in their job.

Mr Friery explained that men under the age of 30 usually hold the "belief that they should be able to cope", primarily because of their "male pride".

In addition, the expert noted that younger workers of both sexes are "more likely to perceive workplace stress as being unbearable" than their more experienced colleagues.

He stated that while older employees feel the same amount of pressure as their younger counterparts, they often do not see it as stressful and instead cope with it more effectively.

This comes after the release of a report by Aviva showing that longer working hours are contributing to professionals not being able to take regular breaks throughout the day.

Posted by Francesca Witney

25/08/2011 16:43