Hard to stomach: tummy upsets up 43% since 1990s

An expert reveals a possible reason why incidences of upset stomachs in the UK have risen by 43 per cent over the last 13 years. Plus: a look at what is being done to tackle the p…


Six steps to Ladder safety

Six of the best ladder and stepladder safety tips and some details of a new Ladder Exchange programme


Employers reminded not to neglect first aid in the workplace

How many first aiders should a workplace have? What items should be found in a first-aid box? When is it appropriate for an employer to provide a first-aid room? New advice from t…


How to tackle the problem of workplace slips and trips

A look at some expert advice regarding preventing workplace slips, trips and falls. Why are these accidents so common and what can be done about the problem?


What causes road accidents?

Who is to blame for British road accidents? What age and gender are the culprits? What did they do wrong? A new survey attempts to find out…

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