Gas blast at work caused burns & scar injuries

Burns to result in compensation claim 2435

A gas employee suffered burns and scarring injuries in a work accident in St Helens, Lancashire.

The employee of North West Gases sustained burns to his face, hands and legs in a work related accident at the company's premises in St Helens in 2008.

John Webster, Managing Director of the organisation was also hurt in the blast which occurred when he and his employee attempted to remove the valve on a cylinder of liquefied petroleum gas.

An investigation conducted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) established that Mr Webster had failed to make sure there was no gas left in the container prior to beginning the task.

HSE inspector Warren Pennington said that these burn and scar injuries were "entirely preventable" and was caused by the employer's failure to "carry out even the most basic of safety checks".

"In this case, the fact that no one was killed was simply down to luck," he added.