Burns to lead to compensation claim?

Burns and scarring sustained during an accident at work could lead to a man pursuing a personal injury compensation settlement.

Krzysztof Jabczanik was hospitalised in an induced coma in hospital following an incident in which he was electrocuted while working for Fras Contractors in London in August 2010.

At the time of this accident, Mr Jabczanik was attempting to repair an external flood light at premises in North Acton when he came into contact with a live junction box.

A subsequent investigation conducted by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) established there had been several flaws in the way in which he was instructed by his employer to complete this routine task.

For instance, it was found that the cover of the box had been taken off prior to the electrical circuit within the unit being isolated, meaning it was still connected while he worked.

Jack Wilby of the HSE commented: "Mr Jabczanik was placed in totally unnecessary danger and he very nearly paid with his life."

Posted by Emily SwansonADNFCR-1500-ID-801316773-ADNFCR

13/03/2012 16:45