Widower appeals for mesothelioma help

According to the News & Star, Maureen Whittaker died from mesothelioma at the age of 58 in November last year - but her family remain unaware of where she would have come into…


Family to pursue carbon monoxide compensation?

Wayne Marshall was employed to carry out repairs on a joint chimney at a property in the Seven Sisters district of London in March 2010 but mistakenly left rubble in the structure…


Fairground worker to seek damages for broken bones?

Martin Brown was working for Alan Crow Amusements at a May Bank Holiday fair in Barnard Castel, Yorkshire, in 2010 when he was thrown from the company's Crazy Frog Ride as he atte…


Hundreds of accidents at work in hospitals, figures show

According to figures published by The Argus, medical professionals working at institutions managed by the Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust - which employs 6,000 people - have be…


Expert: Don't bottle up stress

That is according to Ruth Coombs, manager for influence and change at mental health charity Mind Cymru, who believes that talking about problems such as anxiety relating to a job …

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