Worker brakes jaw bone in machine accident at work

Head injury to lead to compensation claim 2586

A 33 year-old man suffered from a severe head injury in a work accident which happened in Cheltenham last year.

Grzegorz Chylenski suffered cuts to his face and a fractured jaw when he was hit on the head by the moving parts of a machine at premises owned by his employer PG Components.

When the accident took place the man was reaching into a Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) machine to retrieve a piece of equipment he had dropped inside.

It subsequently emerged the safety mechanism had been deliberately disabled in order the make the equipment run on a quicker and more efficient cycle, despite warnings that doing so is unsafe in the manufacturers' manual.

Dominic Goacher, inspector with the Health and Safety Executive said, "Allowing the CNC machine to be used in this state puts operators at serious risk of injury or even death."

Posted by Chris Stevenson