Jogging may combat stress at work

Professionals struggling with the effects of stress at work may be well advised to take up jogging.



That is if comments made by Mary Comber, editor of Health & Fitness magazine, are anything to go by, as she believes this form of activity is an ideal way of improving an individual's mental and physical wellbeing.


Earlier this month, the Copenhagen City Heart study established that running considerably increases the life expectancy of adults, with men who jog on a regular basis living for 6.2 years longer and women staying alive for 5.6 additional years.


And Ms Comber added: "Research shows if you exercise outside, it's a great mood booster. You don't have to run fast to get the benefits."


The expert went on to say jogging is ideal to build bone density and improve cardiovascular health and is suitable for anyone as it can be done anywhere and is free.


Posted by Francesca WitneyADNFCR-1500-ID-801374288-ADNFCR

29/05/2012 16:52