Construction workers exposed to Asbestos

Work asbestos exposure might lead to compensation claims 2651

Construction workers may press ahead with compensation claims after being exposed to Asbestos while on the job.

GKN Aerospace Services and Lybrook Constructors, trading as DL Group, have been prosecuted as a result of the Asbestos related incident at Yeovil GKN premises.

Contractors were put at risk of being exposed to Asbestos when the DL Group removed ceiling tiles within GKN Aerospace Services' treatment facilities rooms.

This means the employees may now look to receive compensation for the danger they were placed in.

Health and Safety Executive inspector Annette Walker noted: "Neither party made sufficient efforts to identify the asbestos liabilities associated with the work prior to work commencing."

Ms Walker pointed out presence of the substance in the ceiling tiles of the room were recorded in GKN's files, yet contractors without the relevant expertise were nonetheless used to make a decision regarding the possibility of asbestos remaining in the property. 

29/06/2012 16:43