Family may claim compensation for Mesothelioma

Mr. Phythian died at the age of 57 from Pleural Mesothelioma and his family may now claim compensation for his exposure to Asbestos at his father's workplace.


Fall from ladder in work accident caused injuries

The injured man sustained a broken eye socket, multiple hairline fractures to his skull and bruising to his head and back during an accident while he was working for MB Air System…


Work accident caused broken arm & soft tissue injury

The unnamed 28-year-old man suffered a broken right arm and soft tissue damage to his wrist when the limb got stuck in a conveyor belt at premises owned by Hawkeswood Metal Recycl…


Council pays £1 million in accident compensation

A woman was injured when she fell over a table leg and her £14,000 compensation settlement was part of £1 million paid to staff for work accidents at Rotherham Borough Council ove…


Tenants may claim for carbon monoxide poisoning

During an investigation by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), Mark David Austin was found to have pretended to be listed on the Gas Safe Register when carrying out work on a…

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