Three fingers cut off in factory work accident

Bacon curing accident might lead to compensation claim 2659

An employee at a bacon curing company lost three fingers in a work accident which could easily have been prevented.

The accident occurred at Midland Bacon Company in Walsall after Daniel Wilfred's hand became trapped in a packaging machine as he lent over a conveyer to prevent bacon joint packs from falling to the ground.

Mr Wilfred was unaware the equipment was still switched on and the bottom of his arm stuck between the machine and the cutting blades as he reached down.

Eve-Marie Edwards, an inspector at the Health & Safety Executive, explained that these work injuries could have been prevented had John Cox Cold Stores and Distribution Services, trading as the Midland Bacon Company, prevented access to the equipment's most dangerous sections.

Ms Edwards stated, "Lessons need to be learned by employers, to ensure that potentially dangerous machinery is suitably guarded and that their workers are aware of the risks involved."

Posted by Emily Swanson

05/07/2012 16:56