Work accident in factory caused hand injury

Compensation for man injured in factory accident 2662

A man suffered a hand injury in an accident at work at a factory in Cheshire. He lost part of his finger when attempting to remove debris from the chains of a rotating table at an Ellesmere Port factory that makes large steel containers.

His hand was dragged into the workings of the mechanism when his glove became caught as he attempted to clean the rotating table; a piece of equipment that holds the steel container lids in place while they are spray painted.   

However, there were no safety guards on the machine to stop the moving chains being accessed. The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) stated Greif UK had failed to do its job correctly and prioritise safety in the workplace.

Martin Paren, HSE inspector said, "Manufacturing firms must make the safety of employees their top priority to prevent similar work accidents from happening in the future."

Posted by Francesca Witney

06/07/2012 17:01