Compensation to be sought after workplace neck injury?

Compensation to be sought after workplace neck injury 2658

Glyn Addison suffered injuries in a work accident when his head and neck became trapped in a factory packaging machine, as he attempted to free film from the equipment.

After a wrapping instrument stopped sealing poylthene around rolls of roof felt in the correct manner, Mr Addison tried to fix the mishap, but the moving forward of a ram forcing the rolls on to the machine served to lodge him against the equipment.

Despite being freed by a colleague at the Cromar Building Products factory in Whitley Bridge, near Selby, Mr Addison suffered nerve injury to his neck and shoulder region.

Health and Safety Executive inspector Helen Hennessy said the accident could have been avoided easily, saying, "Employers must provide adequate safeguards and ensure their staff are given the right information, procedures and systems to allow them to do their jobs in safety."

Posted by Emily Swanson

04/07/2012 17:01