Man lost four fingers in accident at work

Machinery hand injury might lead to compensation claim 2664

A man from Whaley Bridge, Derbyshire lost four fingers in an accident at work. The fingers on his left hand were crushed in machinery as they became caught in the unguarded cutting tools of a power press.

When attempting to cut electrical components from a narrow steel strip, it is thought the 62-year-old may have accidentally pressed his foot on the pedal that operated the equipment.

According to an investigation by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), Stockport engineering company Hayles Pressings had removed machine guards a few days prior to the accident so workers would have easier access to the components.

Jayn Johnson, HSE inspector said, "One of Hayles Pressing's employees has suffered a serious work injury because the company didn't do enough to look after his safety."

Ms Johnson added the company failed to carry out the required daily checks to make sure all safety equipment was fitted properly.

Posted by Emily Swanson

09/07/2012 17:03