Warehouse workers may claim compensation

Warehouse workers may make compensation claim 2661

Warehouse workers from the Wirral may make compensation claims after their lives were put at risk by their employers.

Three men were carrying out tasks on the roof of a facility in Birkenhead, but the 16-metre drop meant they could have died had they fallen from the sloping surface.

Despite attempting to fix the roof at such a height, the employees of Davidson Williams were not provided with any harnesses or safety equipment to prevent a fall accident or minimise injuries from a fall.

There were also 400 clear plastic panels underfoot, which could have given way had the men stood on them with all their weight while carrying out their duties.

Christina Goddard, inspector with the Health & Safety Executive, said the workers "were left to repair the leaking roof without any protection to stop them being injured by falling off the edge or through one of the hundreds of clear plastic panels".

Posted by Emily Swanson 

06/07/2012 17:00