Crush accident at work caused leg injuries

Employee may seek compensation after brick making accident 2718

An employee of a brick-making company in Romsey may seek compensation after suffering leg injuries in an accident at work.

Nikoloz Demetrashvili required hospital treatment for three weeks because his leg was crushed by a poorly-guarded machine at Michelmersh Brick and Tile Company.

The 42-year-old had been attempting to free a blockage on brick-making equipment when he lent over a turntable to remove a tray and the sensor was activated. This caused the table to rotate and trapped his leg in the machine, resulting in Mr Demetrashvili suffering a work accident that caused multiple fractures to his right leg.

An investigation from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) determined the man was able to access dangerous parts of the machine while it was still live because of flawed protective measures.

HSE inspector Daniel Hilbourne said this work accident underlines the importance of proper guarding with regard to dangerous equipment.

He added: "It is vital for employers to ensure that staff cannot get dangerously close to machinery that is either moving or is likely to move with people in the immediate area."

Posted by Emily Swanson

24/08/2012 16:49