Worker sues Council for back injury compensation

Worker sues council for back injury 2706

Dumfries and Galloway Council is facing a compensation claim from an employee who was left with a serious back injury after an accident at work.

Robbie Murray is taking legal action against the Council after an accident in April 2010, in which he was crushed between two vehicles as he paved the surface of the C2 road near Rhonehouse, Scotland.

During this accident, the man got trapped in between a tipper lorry and a tar spreader and subsequently sustained damage to his pelvis, as well as his back.

The 22-year-old required extensive treatment on his back at both Dumfries Infirmary and Glasgow Royal Hospital. He has been warned by doctors that his injuries are severe enough to mean he may have to give up work at some point in the next decade due to the likely onset of Arthritis.

Mr. Murray currently still carries out light duties for Hamilton Tarmac, but is unlikely to ever be able to return to a position similar to the one he held before the accident.

In the case heard at Dumfries Sheriff Court, which was brought about after the Health & Safety Executive prosecuted the Council, the authority admitted breaching the Health & Safety at Work Act.

The Council indicated that it had not made a sufficient assessment on the risks to sub-contracted drivers during this resurfacing work, and had therefore not implemented a proper system whereby vehicles could move around the site safely.

Consequently, the Council was issued a fine of £40,000 for its negligence. Mr. Murray welcomed the decision and revealed he has filed legal action against the group.

Mr. Murray said "I'm glad that the Council has been punished for what they've done to me because it's been two-and-a-half years of hell. I want them to pay me back injury compensation and to make sure that this type of accident doesn't happen to anyone else. There were absolutely no safety restrictions in place when the accident happened."

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06/08/2012 16:46