Govt considers new plan to prevent cycling accidents

Under these plans, new traffic lights would be installed at junctions specifically for cyclists that would give them a head start over cars and other vehicles, the Daily Telegraph…


Man sues Council after being hit by tow truck

Matthew Bullas is taking legal action against Croydon Council after claiming he was run over by one of its tow trucks last week (September 9th), the Croydon Guardian reports.


£5,000 compensation for work related Dermatitis

Paul Eames took legal action against parent company Wavin UK Holdings after he came into contact with expoxy resins while working for Derbyshire-based firm Hepworth Building Produ…


Finger amputated after machine accident at work

Daniel Campbell needed to have his index finger amputated and received 124 stitches to wounds on his right hand and arm after the limb came into contact with dangerous machinery a…


Pregnant mum slips and trips on wet floor in supermarket

Vikki Poole is taking legal action against Morrisons after she fell over on a wet floor by the entrance of the company's store at Festival Park in Stoke-on-Trent in June this year…

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