Man sues Council after being hit by tow truck

Man sues council after collision 2738

A man is claiming compensation from a local Council following an accident that took place in Croydon.

Matthew Bullas is taking legal action against Croydon Council after claiming he was run over by one of its tow trucks last week (September 9th), the Croydon Guardian reports.

The 34-year-old was staying at a hotel in the area after attending a friend's wedding and alleged that he was struck by the vehicle when he confronted its driver for towing his sister's car away.

Mr Bullas claims he was hit when the council employee turned around and attempted to leave and was subsequently knocked around six feet in front of the truck, leading to him sustaining bruising and cuts.

Speaking to the news source, the claimant indicated he plans to deal with his legal action directly with the council.

"The driver told the police I threw myself in front of her. I have got an independent witness to say that was not the case," he added.

Posted by Chris Stevenson