Broadwalk Dental Practice forced to compensate patient

Broadwalk Dental Practice forced to compensate patient 25668

A former resident of Buxton has been awarded £22,000 in compensation from Broadwalk Dental Practice, which offered her extremely substandard care over a number of years.

Dr Allan Clark's negligence meant 40-year-old Sarah Taylor has to undergo extensive corrective treatment, including bridges, crowns, dentures and root canal treatments.

She told the Derbyshire Times Dr Clark's poor dentistry also led to her losing eight teeth and suffering a number of painful bouts of dental infection.

The local woman first visited the practice in 1993, when she had bad toothache on the left side of her mouth. While this should have been a simple procedure, it turned out to be only the start of Ms Taylor's dental problems.

Having been given two fillings by the dentist, she was forced to return just days later suffering from a toothache even more severe than her previous one.

"Dr Clark removed one of the teeth he had just filled, which was absolutely mortifying. We had not discussed a tooth extraction at any point and he had gone ahead without my prior knowledge or consent. It was all downhill from there," she told the newspaper.

Ms Taylor visited the practice a staggering 39 times over the next 16 years, receiving her final treatment in December 2009.

After relocating to Peterborough, she signed up with a new dentist, who immediately told her about the poor condition of her teeth and suggested she undertake corrective measures to amend them.

Five of them were beyond repair and had to be removed, while Ms Taylor also needs to wear a permanent bridge because of the difficulties brought about by Dr Clark's sub-par dentistry.

"I trusted Dr Clark implicitly and he has ruined my teeth. The whole experience has been unbelievably stressful. What he did was not right," said the patient.

Neither the doctor or the practice commented on the case - Dr Clark did not admit liability and has since retired from the profession.