Man issues compensation claim over teacher strike

Man issues compensation claim over teacher strike 25655

A parent of two pupils at a Northamptonshire school has requested compensation after he had to take two days of holiday time to take care for them following a teacher strike.

Chris Walker said he wanted the money back because if he failed to bring his children to school, he would be fined £60 per day, per child, according to the Northampton Chronicle and Echo.

If this was reversed, he explained, the council would owe him £240 - the amount he now claims. 

It is unclear if this approach would hold up in court, but if Mr Walker is awarded compensation, it is likely similar requests would spring up throughout the country and this would cost local councils millions of pounds per year.

A spokesperson for Northamptonshire County Council said the fines were introduced by the Department of Education to try and cut truancy and increase attainment.

"It is estimated that missing two weeks of term time in each year of a child’s school life is the same as missing one whole school year," the representative told the Chronicle and Echo.

By Francesca Witney