MP Vaz calls for Sainsbury's compensation

MP Vaz calls for Sainsbury's compensation 25705

Labour MP for Leicester East Keith Vaz has called on Sainsbury's to pay compensation to residents affected by construction problems at its new Rushey Mead outlet.

Work to build the superstore has, according to Mr Vaz, had a substantial impact on the wellbeing of local residents and this means monetary compensation should be awarded.

While at first Sainsbury's offered to clean people's windows for free and give car washing vouchers to cover for the amount of dust that would affect the area, extensive traffic delays and noise from night-time construction has forced some people in the area to tears, according to the Leicester Mercury.

Raksha Chauhai, 55, lives across from the new store and said: "We were told about the night works two days before they started - that is not enough time. Sometimes, they have been working until 5pm and then they start again at 6am."

The 80,000 sq ft store is set to open on November 27th.

By Francesca Witney