Union: Rail jobs cuts could lead to accidents

Union: Rail jobs cuts could lead to accidents 25645

A row has been sparked between the Transport Salaried Staffs' Association (TSSA) union and Network Rail (NR).

Members of the TSSA argue the axing of 750 managerial jobs ahead of a parliamentary inquiry into level crossing safety will cost lives. 

If people are killed or injured because of poorly managed maintenance or human error, either they or their families could launch injury claims and this would massively damage the credibility of NR.

Criticism from the TSSA was particularly scathing in regards to an ongoing £5 million bonus remuneration plan that has been arranged for top executives and if this was scrapped, a number of redundancies could have been avoided, according to the union.

Manuel Cortes, leader of TSSA, said: "It is simply unbelievable that ministers are making these cuts and NR are imposing job cuts less than a month before the parliamentary inquiry begins."

The Commons Transport Select Committee will meet on October 21st.

By Chris Stevenson